When applying for a job, an applicant must submit the following documents:

  • passport (or a substitute document), and persons under the age of 16 years - a birth certificate and a certificate of residence;
  • work book, except for persons entering the work for the first time.

When applying for a part-time job, a person must submit a certificate from the main place of work instead of:

  • a work book;
  • military ID (for military personnel) or registration certificate (for conscripts);
  • a document of state standard on education upon admission to work, to the performance of which, in accordance with the law, only persons with a special education or special training can be admitted.

An employer is not entitled to require other documents from a job applicant.

It is not allowed to hire:

  • without documents specified in clause 7 of these Rules;
  • persons who have not undergone a medical examination, in cases where the medical examination is prescribed by law, as well as employees who, in accordance with a medical opinion, the performance of this work is contraindicated for health reasons;
  • persons deprived of a court sentence of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities for work that they are forbidden to perform;
  • persons who are closely related or related to each other (parents, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, spouses and also parents, brothers, sisters and children of spouses), if their service is connected with the direct subordination or control of one of them to another;
  • in other cases stipulated by law.

After applying for a job, the personnel department is obliged to provide the job applicant with the conditions for negotiating a future employment contract with the relevant officials.

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